Safire Continuous Fire Wrap is a high pressure graphite manipulated expansion device designed to close off combustible elements while maintaining compartmentation.

Continuous Fire Wrap is in rubberoid strip format with high flexibility and is most commonly used around all types of pipe insulation upto 50mm thick, or with combustible pipes with a diameter between 20mm and 110mm. It may also be used around conduits, cables, and to close ventilated air spaces.



Brochure/Data Sheet (240kb)


Fire Test:


BMT/FEP/F15235, BMT/FEP/F15236

INSTALLATION – basic requirements 

Combustible Pipes:

50mm 2 layers

50mm-110mm 3 layers

Lagged Pipes:

2 layers 60 x 40mm (max insulation thickness 50mm)

• Fire resistance up to 120 minutes

• Seals flammable plastic pipes from 50-110mm diameter with high and low wall thickness

• Pipe types incl. UPVC, PP, ABS, PE and HDPE

• Special elastic material for good pliability and ease of fitting

• Halogen and plasticiser-free, water resistant

• High performance fire expanison 1:20

Example: pipe penetration to plasterboard partition, using Safire Coated Batt, Safire Continuous Fire Wrap and Safire Intumescent Mastic.