Safire Intumescent Pipe Sleeves are a cost effective product for the stopping of pipe penetrations e.g. plumbing pipes and metallic pipes, whilst maintaining similar thermal and acoustic properties as standard mineral fibre insulation. These properties ensure compliance with Water Bye-laws and Building Regulations for cold and hot water pipes and heating systems.


  • 2 hour fire rating to BS 476
  • Suitable for use through a wide range of fire partition walls and floors
  • Offers excellent acoustic insulation
  • Maintains the thermal insulation of the pipe through the penetration
  • Maintains vapour seal of existing insulation
  • Cost effective
    – one sleeve can replace two collars
    – easily cut to to size to minimise wastage
    – no mastic required
  • Can also be fitted flush to the wall offering a clean wall solution
  • Allows for thermal movement of the pipe
  • No special tools or skills required to fit
  • Suitable for a wide range of plastic, copper and mild steel pipes
  • Protects copper pipe from cement corrosion
  • Will accept hole irregularities of upto 15mm


Safire Pipe Sleeves have been designed for simple, fast installation, and can be quickly fitted to the pipe and slid into the penetration without the need for mortar, mastic or support.

In a fire situation the sleeve expands to fill the available space between the pipe and the penetration. In the case of plastic pipes the sleeve will crush and close off the pipe forming a solid char and preventing the passage of fire and smoke to the adjacent compartment.

Fittings available to fit all popular pipe sizes from 15mm to 160mm diameter.

Sleeve wall thickness typically 25mm.



Safire Intumescent Pipe Sleeves have undergone fire resistance tests including:

BS476 Part22 – Polymeric pipes through a mineral fibre batt
Certificate No. IF02045/Chiltern International Fire
Duration of effective protection: 132 minutes integrity and insulation
BS476 Part22 – Metallic and polymeric pipes through Plasterboard Wall and Solid Floor
Certificate No: IF02087
Duration of effective protection: 132 minutes integrity and insulation