Fire Rated Cavity Barrier

Specifically designed as a cavity fire barrier within buildings, Safire® Floor Edge Fire Slab can be installed horizontally or vertically and is suitable for cavity widths between 50mm and 400mm in both masonry and curtain wall constructions.

Safire® Floor Edge Fire Slab is 100mm thick mineral wool coated on one side with Fireus special formula ablative coating.

Slabs are supplied in 1200mm x 600mm x 100mm size and can be easily and quickly cut to desired size.

Slabs can be profiled by hand to the desired shape for installation.


  • Tested to BS 476: Part 20
  • for cavities from 50mm to 400mm
  • fast and easy to fix
  • 120mins integrity & insulation



Safire® Floor Edge Fire Slab is typically used as a fire resistant barrier between the edge of a concrete floor slab and curtain walling which is stable in fire. The slab can be cut and used to fill cavities from 50mm to 400mm wide. (N.B. curtain walling systems should be properly secured to the floor.)
Safire® Floor Edge Fire Slab also provides upto 2 hours fire resistance in voids upto 400mm.
It can also be used to provide 2 hours protection in masonry wall cavities upto 400mm wide. Slabs can be used both horizontally and vertically.


When used in conjunction with profiled metal cladding, Safire® Floor Edge Fire Slab should be cut to suit the profile of the cladding.


Safire® Floor Edge Fire Slab can be cut and profiled on site using a sharp knife or saw and a straight edge. Cutting should be along the 1200mm edge.

Overcut the slab by approx. 10mm to allow a tight, compression fit, and apply beads of mastic to seal the edges.

Fixing brackets (available separately) can be re-profiled by hand and cut as necessary to allow at least 75% penetration of the slab. Brackets should be fixed at a maximum of 600mm centres.

After fitting the slab into the cavity, brackets should then be secured to the edge of the concrete floor using suitable masonry fixings.


Safire® Floor Edge Slab has been tested and assessed in accordance with BS 476: Part 20 1987 and has achieved 120 minutes for both integrity and insulation as detailed in BRE 233314 22/03/07.

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