Intumescent & Acrylic Mastics

Safire® High Temperature Adhesive and sealant is a silicate based material for use where a high temperature resistant seal or adhesive bond is required.

The product dries to a hard, cement­like material with good adhesion to many surfaces. It has a continuous operating temperature up to a maximum of 1250ºC.

After subjection to high temperature above 800ºC, the product sets to a solid ceramic mass which is resistant to thermal shock.

Suitable for use where resistance to spread of flame is required.

It is supplied as a ready to use, easily extrudable paste in a 310ml cartridge.


• For bonding and sealing between a wide range of materials such as metal, glass, ceramic, concrete, stone, clay and silicate(glass) fibre.

• Provides a high temperature, rigid seal around pipework and flues in fireplaces, boilers, solid fuel burners and central heating systems.

• General fire protection applications where a rigid seal is required.



• All surfaces must be clean and dry and free from dirt, dust, grease and other contamination. Light abrasion of the surfaces to be bonded will improve the adhesion.

• Apply the adhesive from the cartridge, forcing it onto the area to be sealed, then immediately tool it down to ensure good adhesion. Complete tooling within 5-10 minutes.

• When bonding materials, apply a bead of adhesive to one surface and immediately combine the two parts , applying pressure to ensure good surface contact.

• Application equipment should be cleaned with warm water after use.


Store in cool dry conditions. ( 5ºC to 30ºC)





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