• Restores and maintains the fire protection of walls and floors for up to 120 minutes.

• Sleeve fits in seconds.

• No mastic, screws or support required.

• Penetrations do not require “boarding out”.

• Sleeves allow ducting to run tightly against the ceiling or soffit.

• Sleeves can be fitted from one side of the wall or floor.

• Sleeves provides an effective acoustic barrier between duct and wall or floor.

• Available to fit all popular duct sizes.

• Tested both vertically and horizontally through a wide range of wall and floor constructions.

Fireus Duct Sleeve has been developed to provide maximum protection for holes created by the introduction of the most popular sizes of PVC ducting with minimal installation time. In a fire situation, the sleeve expands internally to crush the duct and create an effective barrier against both heat and flames. Unlike other “intumescent” materials the

Fireus Duct Sleeves do not need additional support and will only expand inwards.

Fireus Duct Sleeves are available for all popular sizes of PVC ducting including both rectangular and circular systems.