Safire® Rainscreen Barriers are designed to fire protect the cavity in cladding and rainscreen systems.

Ventilated and Non-Ventilated versions are available.

Ventilated Rainscreen Barrier

rainscreen barrier

• Meets CWCT 38mm Requirements

• Simplifies cladding panel installation

• Can more easily accept building tolerances

• Tested to general principles of BS476, Part 20

• Fire Ratings of 30, 60, 90 & 120 minutes

• Quick & easy installation

• Satisfies building regulations.

Building Regulations require that fire barriers be installed within the cavity of rainscreen/cladding systems to prevent the spread of fire.

Safire ® Ventilated Rainscreen Barriers allow the cavity to be retained for normal functions, but in the event of fire the intumescent Ventilated Rainscreen Barrier quickly expands to seal off the cavity to prevent the spread of fire.

Safire® Ventilated Rainscreen Barriers can be supplied to fit a wide range of cavity depths from 30mm up to 500mm.

 fireproof rainscreen barrier for cladding systems


Non-ventilated Rainscreen Barrier

Comprises of an aluminium foil-faced structural stone wool section with an integral intumnescent strip bonded to cover the exposed face. In the event of direct exposure to fire, when subjected to heat the intumescent strip raipdly expands.

Suitable for voids upto 500mm wide.

ventilated rainscreen barrier